Saturday, January 01, 2005

Wow! 2005s here!

Hooray!!..365 days have gone by and another 365 are here to come.
With each new year, comes a bunch of new resoultions.Resoultions that are as short lived as the new years celebrations!

Well for some time now, ive decided to try out all kinds of life, enjoy life! i like the 'thing'( for lack of a better word;)-live life, enjoy life, so much so im gonna have it as my signature, until i find a better one to flick.

Coming back to trying out stuff, here - the blog - itself is some thing new. Dont know how long ill keep this going. im not a kind who'll lay out everything in words, let alone putting it online, inviting the public.

The blogs not the only thing thats happened today. This night i tasted my first champagne - a Mote & Chandon. Came all the way from paris airport's duty free shop :) ( Details do take away all the fun, dont they?).

To make the most out of it, i had created a very lovely,ambient atmospehre in the hall. Was having it with my family only, but a little ambience is nice no matter with whom.Switched off all the lights, had a scented candle lit up. That was the only thing lit up. and of course the TV. Whatever would i do w/o tv.Any thing be lunch or tp id always in the hall,with the tv on. drifting again..

i had my hopes all so high, thinking that a lone bottle that made its way to me, would be gone as quick as ...lost for words.. well.. real quick!
But MAN!!! it sucked.. it tasted like soda..only worse and with a repelling smell.. and its portrayed in alll movies if seen as so very romantic... cant imagine why. All it felt was warm inside :). People say -'u have to develop a taste for it'. well, sorry, but i dont think i want to any more. Pepsi tastes better!!
Now i wanna try out a red wine, before i dismiss wines enitrely. Hope that tastes better!