Friday, September 26, 2008


Those who do not study the past, get an exciting oppurtunity to repeat it!
~Jon Stewart

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blue October

Iced tea

This is now proving to be one of those things, which I am not especially good at but I enjoy doing nevertheless. This one was sitting through one of Dan's several talks in Flagstaff that day, with the ever funny Gil sitting alongside!

Monday, September 08, 2008

So gaya yeh Jahan - Tehzaab

This song used be my absolute favorite when I was a little kid.. just stumbled upon that in my mp3 collection.. I still like it!

Sweet redemption!

Source: US

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tagged, yet again

Its mid-night - that time of the day when I will do whatever it takes to get away from breaking my head on the stupid cluster scheduler code that has become my pithy life - even if it means stooping to This!

I don't know if being punctual really qualifies as a quirk ( You obviously didn't look the word up :D), but I do think that 6 is demanding too much and I'll use it if I cant concoct anything more exciting than that..

Mid-night is also that time of the night, when I am pretty much done rambling. So, I wil get right to it:
  1. I come to life when playing squash or tennis, and at other times, as someone who has seen both sides put it, I come off as a walking corpse.
  2. In my absolutely-nothing-good-to-do-day-dreaming time, I am make up bizarre, dire situations in which I emerge as the savior - not exactly with super powers, but you get the picture?
  3. At traffic stops, watching pedestrians walk across, there is an impulse sharply honk when they get right in front of me and a more evil impulse of ramming them down:)
  4. Had having been around too many cats for too long, I routinely let out a loud shrill meow - It is also something I routinely use on chat to ping some.
  5. I guess I do need that filler quirk after all.. I like being punctual and absolutely hate it when my time is not respected. I don't care too much if I'm given good notice and reason of someone running late, but hate to be kept waiting without knowing how much time I have to do something better.
  6. I say I hate this, but I end up responding to such requests, because they acknowledge that I will hate it. I however make sure that I don't follow or post the rules and that it ends with me, so I don't end up looking, and more importantly feeling like a giant dork.
In retrospect, this has come out with me seeming a lot more serious than is the typical me. But I was giving this crap a thought and the everly profound what-the-hell had me!

Monday, September 01, 2008